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At Real Life Church we practice simplicity in an effort to present the Gospel in a way that everyone can understand. We know that a person’s relationship with God is personal and each must make the choice to enjoy that relationship. 

Here are some things we know God has told us:

  • Stop doing church. Be the Church.
  • Tear down boundaries caused by doctrinal separation.
  • Stop emphasizing religious practices to the exclusion of a real relationship with God.
  • Simplify the way Jesus is presented to the world.
  • Emphasize relationships with God and people. All positive interaction must be relational. 
  •  Be a conduit for the Holy Spirit to minister to the world.
  • Create a safe environment and open opportunities where seekers can come, not encumbered by preconceived notions or ideas.
  • Base these opportunities for encountering the living God on His Word alone. 

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